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"An unique and penetrating look at American history through the eyes of ordinary people caught up in the American Civil War."  DH

"Enjoyed it very much. Engrossing story and a very human story. I loved the detail about the every day life in the 1800s. Very well researched. Would highly recommend."  Natty P. 

"Don't miss reading this great historical story! Great book! It got my attention at the beginning and held it throughout the book. The book brought out many emotions as I read about this loving family that was separated by war and different loyalties. Very well written story. A must read!"  etcat

Michael Hurst recommends Blood Brothers A Family Divided. "It makes me aware of when times were incredibly challenging." 

A Novel that Touches Your Heart

Young JW Pressley arrives in the town of Graham, NC, in 1830, from Dublin, Ireland armed only with a change of clothes, a few dollars, papers of indenture, and big dreams. JW quickly sets his sights on the prettiest girl in town, Sally O'Conner. The writing team of Pressley and Holder creates a story that immediately grabs your heart as you follow the courtship of JW and Sally, their subsequent marriage, and the joys and sorrows of their lives as they work off JW's indenture and establish a successful farm. Three of their sons fight in the Civil War--one wore blue and two wore gray. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will come away with a greater understanding of the choices facing this generation and of the consequences of those choices. This novel is meticulously researched and engaging from beginning to end. Dianne Lawton

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