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Our Clients Reviews & Testimonials

Our testimonials serve as an honest endorsement of our products and services that from our potential clients and engaging readers who have benefited from our piece of writing.

David Hunter

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"Blood Brothers: A Family Divided . . . , a story played out countless times throughout history whenever families are torn apart by politics and rage -- a story as old as Cain and Abel.

In their first work of fiction, Pressley and Holder, spin a story roughly based on a Pressley family legend Ron has heard all his life. I had misgivings about the project when I first heard about it, but I have been proven wrong, Being a co-author of a novel is a monumental task even for seasoned novelists , but this couple has pulled it off and are still speaking to each other.

The book is rich in historical background, and they have caught the flavor of the times in the transition between the Irish accent and the Appalachian dialect .into which it eventually morphed.

When asked to review one of my books, the late great writer Jim Dykes said: 'All I can do is tell people whether I like a book or not.' I like Blood Brothers and I am relaxing over the weekend with a good book.

Every year a dozen people tell me they are going to write a book, but few actually follow through. Ron Pressley and Nancy Holder have now published four books between them, and at an age when most people never attempt anything new."

"The authors have written an interesting and moving book. The characters have depth and are well-rounded. The historical aspects are superb, bringing to life the scents, sounds, and images of life in the time preceding, during, and just after the Civil War.


The portrayal of family life is remarkable, as are the relationships between family members and the townspeople pertinent to the story. Every scene paints a picture. The reader is right there in the center of it all.

The blend of historic events integrated into the plot makes it real. It reads as if it’s all happening right now. The authors show compassion, heartache, and kindness throughout the novel, with an ending that is so moving, it will bring the reader to tears. Well done!"

"Grabs you and reminds us that we do not want to repeat this history. t's hard not to get attached to these characters!


You will find yourself rooting for JW. What a hard life our early ancestors had. And what a shame it was that we, as Americans, killed each other over owning human beings.


A must read for any Civil War buff or anyone who wants an inside look at how this war affected the families fighting for something they didn't necessarily support, or even understand."

" Young JW Pressley arrives in the town of Graham, NC, in 1830, from Dublin, Ireland armed only with a change of clothes, a few dollars, papers of indenture, and big dreams. JW quickly sets his sights on the prettiest girl in town, Sally O'Conner. The writing team of Pressley and Holder creates a story that immediately grabs your heart as you follow the courtship of JW and Sally, their subsequent marriage, and the joys and sorrows of their lives as they work off JW's indenture and establish a successful farm. Three of their sons fight in the Civil War--one wore blue and two wore gray. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will come away with a greater understanding of the choices facing this generation and of the consequences of those choices.

This novel is meticulously researched and engaging from beginning to end. Dianne Lawton "

" Michael Hurst recommends Blood Brothers A Family Divided. "It makes me aware of when times were incredibly challenging."

"Don't miss reading this great historical story! Great book!


It got my attention at the beginning and held it throughout the book. The book brought out many emotions as I read about this loving family that was separated by war and different loyalties.


Very well written story. A must read!"  etcat

"Enjoyed it very much.


Engrossing story and a very human story. I loved the detail about the every day life in the 1800s.


Very well researched. Would highly recommend."

"A unique and penetrating look at American history through the eyes of ordinary people caught up in the American Civil War."

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