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Updated: Mar 27, 2022

(Disclaimer: This is not intended as a scientific, historical, or theological dissertation.)

Intermittent Narration by the Creator

“In or near the Beginning, I held great expectations for my creations, especially those at the top of the food chain.

Everything else turned out to be artistic masterpieces. Just look at the glorious rising and setting of the sun on a regular schedule.

Behold in awe the power of the oceans and the majesty of the mountains. Watch the circle of life in flora and fauna. These systems survive without constant discipline. All the creations continue to move toward self-improvement except for the last.

Endowing this upright species with both the most developed brain on this planet and Free Will was possibly a rash decision made on a sunny day when all seemed right with the brand-new world.

One, especially the Omnipotent One, would assume that sentient beings living in a virtual paradise would be content. That would be an invalid assumption.

Sadly, I observed these humanoids took little time to defy their single initial prohibition.

Perhaps I should return to the drawing board. It appears these creatures need some boundaries.

The only commandment they consistently followed was “being fruitful and multiplying.”

“Yeah, you gave us Free Will, and we can do that one.”

“Yes, they were incredibly dedicated to that one directive, and populations continued to multiply exponentially and eventually spread out to cover this big blue marble they intended to share, respect, and preserve.

Having infinite patience, I allowed my creatures to seek their way with little interference for quite some time.

After all, wouldn’t one expect that beings with unmatched thinking capacity, opposable thumbs, and infinite resources to do something intelligent or at least meaningful eventually?”

Let’s think of life on this planet as an entrepreneurial enterprise and speculate on the strategy necessary for the Chief Executive to keep close tabs on all aspects of ever-expanding operations at once.

Even an omnipotent must occasionally tire of the overload of trivia and tripe coming his way.

Suppose God decided to enlarge the executive branch and delegated some tedious work to trusted others (maybe archangels).

Time passes, and populations continue to expand. The celestial cabinet officers feel oppressed by the responsibility of listening and recording the daily thoughts and deeds of wheat and chaff alike.

Suppose God decided to delegate these tasks further. A significant reorganization may have divided the cabinet responsibilities into more manageable units.

Starting with the oldest developed geographical segment of the globe and moving to the newest, assignments may have been made by seniority.

Further sub-division may have been necessary to keep up with evolving differences in cultures and languages.

Lower level Angels may have been assigned to the less mature civilizations with the expectation that their skills groomed in the wilderness would qualify them for promotion in the future. Even Angels can have ambition.

Realizing that humans can become their own worst enemies, God may have occasionally stepped back on the stage to avert destruction.

When we got on his last nerve, God may have displayed his wrath in the form of natural disasters or diseases or even plagues.

Most parents can relate to acting in desperation. Sometimes it takes a good house cleaning to save the house or a good spanking to save the child.

God may have felt more compassion for his lost children at other times across the ages. At those times, he selected individuals who would attempt to lead the lost out of the darkness and back toward the light.

These selected leaders all experienced being ignored, humiliated, rejected, often persecuted, openly defied, and even murdered.

“I even sent my only son to show the way. He made it much easier for you by simplifying all the previous detailed commandments into two. Indeed it is not too much to ask that you remember to love God your neighbor as yourself.

Many of you across the globe claim to believe in his earthly ministry and his eternal presence. You build enormous buildings in which you gather to proclaim these beliefs. Yet you make up endless excuses not to follow in his footsteps.

Instead, you find reasons to hate one another based on skin color, gender, religious and political affiliations, language, flags, natural resources, and many other earthly illusions.

You have staged wars over real estate, philosophy, religion, human rights, puffed-up pride, and unquenchable greed.”

Humans discover THE CLOUD, fast forward to the 21st century and the age of cyberspace.

“With each discovery and innovation, I hoped that perhaps my beloved creation would reach a higher stage of enlightenment, leading them closer to me.

Now that the entire world is instantly connected, they will surely see that they are all my children, are interdependent, and together they have the resources and knowledge to make the future one of peace.

Seeing so many of my children use their abundant blessings as weapons against their neighbors saddens me. My staff tells me they spend countless hours throwing meaningless garbage into cyberspace.

While it pleases me that some are sending messages of love, it pains me that many others are deliberately trying to hurt or humiliate the recipient.

My senior staff suggested that I revisit the Free Will thing and that it might be well to introduce some new invisible and frightening enemy. I should create something that would get the attention of all my children, something that in modern terminology could make them hit the pause button, something that would send many to a ‘time out.’”

Enter Covid-19 turning life as we know it upside down.

All normal activities are affected.

Places in which people usually convene for work, education, for entertainment are emptied.

Loved ones become ill. Many are lost.

Governments struggle to control the disaster.

Scientists rush to develop remedies and vaccines.

Older people and those with medical conditions shelter in place, venturing out in fear only in emergencies.

“The daily reports I receive from my Consultants indicate that reactions vary and reveal real character. The availability of 24/7 information and misinformation can either unite my children or further divide them.

Some are making heroic sacrifices to help others survive. Some remain in low-level frontline jobs to ensure others have their basic needs. Some are leading the way with hope and reason. Some are reaching out to those in greatest need to offer aid and support.

Some have found creative ways to be together while apart.

Some are flaunting their pseudo-courage by defying the facts of the situation. Some are selfishly hoarding limited supplies of basic needs. Some are taking advantage of fear by promoting worthless scams.

My closest staff and I have discussed the possibilities. This pause could be the opportunity to reset perceptions, to remind my children of the main things. It could give them a chance to appreciate their many blessings, including the gift of family and friendship.

On the other hand, it could also be an opening for those with selfish intentions to take advantage of social and economic disruption.

Yes, I am taking a second look at this Free Will thing.”

The trial is now underway.

The prosecution has rested its case.

We shall await the defense and verdict.

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Amy Buttry
Amy Buttry
18 apr 2020

We are God, God is the Cloud, The Cloud is God. The fundamental rules apply! Just because you can't see someone in the cloud, doesn't make your comments any less cruel, or any less loving.

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