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Watch Ron and Nancy discuss their book, Blood Brothers II, the exciting and emotional sequel to Blood Brothers I. Go on a journey of love, tenderness, and gut-wrenching experiences.



What do you do for a second act after defying your entire family and community to take up arms against your brothers?


It is 1865. Abraham Lincoln is dead. The Civil War has officially ended. President Johnson is in trouble with Congress. Efforts to reunite the union and repair the damages of war have begun but plans for continuation are tenuous at best.


Will Presley, a decorated Union Army veteran who left his North Carolina family and friends to join the opposing side, seeks to absolve his quilt by becoming part of the Reconstruction Team. His idealistic vision of rebuilding what was destroyed as well as creating opportunities for the former enslaved population is immediately met with opposition.


Starting in Memphis, Tennessee, Will and his new bride, Lenora, are excited to be on the cutting edge of a massive project. They pour all their energy into making the dream of homes and schools for newly freed slaves and their children a reality.


The team struggles as they witness many attempts to obstruct and destroy their work, beginning with verbal threats and escalating into violent acts of arson and rioting. Though despondent and fearful at times, they refuse to give up on the goal. They remain committed to the basic tenants of their Christian faith and the beautiful unifying words of our founding documents; they seek other strategies to overcome resistance.


In this sequel to Blood Brothers - A Family Divided, the authors travel the next leg of the Presley family journey against the backdrop of the Reconstruction Era. What will happen if Will enters the political arena? What will change for Sally and the rest of the family back home in North Carolina?

Blood Brothers II

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